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Do any of these sound familiar to you?

If you are like millions of people around the world looking for a way to lose weight, strengthen your immune system, live more healthily, gain muscle or improve athletic performance, but WITHOUT going on diets, giving up your favourite foods or showing up in a gym, then this is the Adventure for you!

In just 7 days (and a little pre-Adventure planning), you will gain life-changing knowledge on the science of nutrition and put into practise the same new skills that has helped transform the lives of over 100,000 people since 2005!

No drugs. No supplements. No miracle products.

Only a tried and tested, world-class nutrition coaching approach from the global leader in Nutrition Coaching - Precision Nutrition©, home to the world's top nutrition coaches, and whose website receives over a million visitors each month for authoritative, evidence-based nutrition reports.

  • Everyone wants to LOOK, FEEL & PERFORM BETTER

  • But no one wants to diet ("aiyoh!"), give up their favourite foods ("cannot lah!) or show up in a gym ("shy lah!")

  • Or, think that it's not possible to get MAXIMUM results with MINIMUM effort ("where can?")


12 months - 1,000 clients - 1 million data points

Everyone is unique. That is why there is no such thing as the "best diet". That is also why meal plans, diets and advise on the internet, or from health celebrities and gurus, may not work for you. Why? Because they are not you.

World-class nutrition coaching begins with you. Your current body composition. Your health/fitness goal. How much you move at work. How much you plan to exercise (or not). Your food preferences. How many times a day you plan to eat. Your favourite movie (kidding!).

We then use the Precision Nutrition© Calorie, Portion and Macro Calculator, the industry's most comprehensive calculator, to produce a report based on you.

An exclusive study involving 1,000 clients over 12 months and over 1 million data points showed that even those who only managed between 10-49% consistency following their personalised program achieved a 5-6% decrease in body weight, leading to sustainable benefits including:

• Better cardiovascular health.

• Decreased cancer and diabetes risk.

• Better sleep (with less apnea).

• Better mood.

• Less inflammation.

• Better immunity.

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100,000+ lives changed! Now available in Singapore & Malaysia!


What over 100,000 clients have been saying since 2005

“I managed to lose some inches by just making smarter food choices; and I didn’t have to give up any of my cravings, or join a gym!"


Lost 86 lbs and 55 total inches!

(See "Success stories!" report below)

“I finally realised why I lacked energy most of the time!”


Lost 42 lbs and 32 total inches!

(See "Success stories!" report below)

“I was hitting the gym 3-4 times a week, using a PT, but was not gaining any muscle. Now I know why, but my PT never told me about this!”


Lost 52 lbs and 14.2% body fat!

(See "Success stories!" report below)

“I’ve tried so many different diets that didn’t work or last. This one works because it’s not a diet!”


Lost 60 lbs and 32 total inches!

(See "Success stories!" report below)

“I am no longer fooled by all the slick advertising on miracle health products and supplements, or confused by all the conflicting health tips and advice!”


Lost 33 lbs and 13% body fat!

(See "Success stories!" report below)


(For the rest of my life!)

  • Personalised Recommendations To Help You Achieve Your Goal!

    You will receive a comprehensive Nutrition Report based on YOU, recommending how many portions of each macronutrient you should eat, and how to measure and track those portions.

    Produced by the Precision Nutrition© Calorie, Portion and Macro Calculator, it is the industry's most comprehensive calculator that uses a cutting edge adaptive algorithm that is validated by Dr Kevin Hall and his team at the National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Disease, USA.

  • Life-Changing Knowledge & Time-Tested Skills!

    You will gain life-changing knowledge on the science of nutrition and put into practise the same new skills that has helped transform the lives of over 100,000 people since 2005!

    You will improve the quality of what you feed your body, reduce and eliminate foods and drinks that harm it, and practise purposeful movement and recovery to achieve your goal and a state of Deep Health!

  • Look, Feel & Perform Better!

    Best of all, you will Look, Feel & Perform Better in ways you may not have experienced for a long time!

    You will be in the best shape of your life WITHOUT diets, giving up your favourite foods or showing up in a gym!

    More importantly, you will also be able to help others you care about to be the best version of themselves!


In a nutshell...

We will send you a comprehensive 17-page Personalised Nutrition Report, based on your health goal, body composition, work activity, planned level of exercise and food preferences.

You will then learn the science behind the foods we eat, make some simple, yet life-changing decisions on your food choices for the next 7 days, and FEEL the difference!

In short, we bring you world-class Nutrition Coaching so that you can coach yourself (and people you care about!) to LOOK, FEEL & PERFORM BETTER!


7-Days to LOOK, FEEL & PERFORM better!

  • 1

    [Chapter 01] Welcome! (Total = 10m)

    • Welcome to Nutrition Coaching! (2m)

    • How Precision Nutrition© helped change more than 100,000 lives! (3m)

    • Let's Begin With You. (5m)

  • 2

    [Chapter 02] Let's Set Some Expectations! (Total = 20m)

    • What a 12-month study involving 1,000 clients say. (3m)

    • Why nutrition is so confusing. (12m)

    • "Let's talk about my transformation". (3m)

    • "I'm ready for my Personalised Nutrition Report!" (2m)

    • "Send me my Personalised Nutrition Report!"

  • 3

    [Chapter 03] Time For A Little Warm-Up! (Total = 30m)

    • Introducing... the Land of Level 1. (12m)

    • "Nutrition is not a belief system"... (5m)

    • The foundation for your success. (3m)

    • 35 lessons from Precision Nutrition’s most successful clients. (5m)

    • Create your first food journal! (5m)

  • 4

    [Chapter 04] Let's Begin! (Total = 60m)

    • So, what's the best diet? (10m)

    • Your Personalised Nutrition Report is ready! (10m)

    • Thinking Time! (5m)

    • Let's see where we are right now - your Starting Point! (5m)

    • Let's see where we want to be in 7 days - your Adventure Goals! (18m)

    • Here's your Action Plan for the next 7 days! (5m)

    • "Here are 1-2 things I am 90% confident I can do consistently for 7 days!" (2m)

    • Your Nutrition Science for the day - Forget calorie counting! Try this calorie control guide for men and women. (5m)

  • 5

    Day 1 (Total = 15m)

    • Final check! (5m)

    • Your Nutrition Science for the day - When the scale sucks! 7 better ways to know if your nutrition plan is working. (5m)

    • Thinking Time! Quiz for Day 1. (3m)

    • Check-In Time! Day 1. Remember to update your food journal first! (2m)

  • 6

    Day 2 (Total = 15m)

    • Some tips from previous participants. (2m)

    • Your Nutrition Science for the day - 8 ways to optimize your immunity and protect your health. (5m)

    • Dr. John Berardi shares how secrets from coaching elite athletes can help you Look, Feel & Perform Better! (3m)

    • Thinking Time! Quiz for Day 2. (3m)

    • Check-In Time! Day 2. Remember to update your food journal first! (2m)

  • 7

    DAY 3 (Total = 10m)

    • Your Nutrition Science for the day - How to lose belly fat, according to science. (5m)

    • Thinking Time! Quiz for Day 3. (3m)

    • Check-In Time! Day 3. Remember to update your food journal first! (2m)

  • 8

    DAY 4 (Total = 19m)

    • Your Nutrition Science for the day - All about energy balance. (5m)

    • 5 Universal Principles of Nutrition. (19m)

    • Thinking Time! Quiz for Day 4. (3m)

    • Check-In Time! Day 4. Remember to update your food journal first! (2m)

  • 9

    DAY 5 (Total = 10m)

    • Your Nutrition Science for the day - 7 effective ways to make time for exercise and nutrition. (5m)

    • Thinking Time! Quiz for Day 5. (3m)

    • Check-In Time! Day 5. Remember to update your food journal first! (2m)

  • 10

    DAY 6 (Total = 21m)

    • Your Nutrition Science for the day - Good stress, bad stress. Finding your sweet spot. (5m)

    • Dr. John Berardi interview on Game Changers. (11m)

    • Thinking Time! Quiz for Day 6. (3m)

    • Check-In Time! Day 6. Remember to update your food journal first! (2m)

  • 11

    DAY 7 (Total = 10m)

    • Your Nutrition Science for the day - How to sleep better. (5m)

    • Thinking Time! Quiz for Day 7. (3m)

    • Check-In Time! Day 7. Remember to update your food journal first! (2m)

  • 12

    CONGRATULATIONS! Your Next Adventure Awaits! (Total = 20m)

    • Celebration Time! You've completed your adventure! (5m)

    • Shout-Out Time! Time to shout-out your "wins"! (5m)

    • What next? ... Onward to the next adventure! (10m)


"Straight-as-arrow" answers for you!

  • Will I have ripped muscles with 6-pack abs, fit into XS size shirts from my current XXL, or destroy all incoming viruses after 7 days?

    Of course! NOT :-) But it is also NOT impossible! You will gain life-changing, science-backed knowledge and skills, which if you practise consistently, will get you there!

  • Why do I need to pay for this when I can get great advice from Dr Google, Dr Oz, my friends and grandma?

    Do you know that if you Googled “good nutrition”, you will get a whopping 213 million entries? Unfortunately, most of them are based on someone's story, and not science-backed. Everyone loves the latest health tips from Dr Oz and your well meaning friends, but how many tips have you really tried that makes you look, feel and perform better for a sustainable period of time (so trying the latest diet/tip that stops working after a week does not count). And what about grandma? To be honest, she probably gives great advice, but you never listen to her anyway, so don't be surprised if what you discover is pretty much what grandma has been trying to tell you all this time!

  • How is this better than Dr Google, Dr Oz and my best friends?

    Your adventure is developed and led by a Precision Nutrition© L1 Certified Coach. Precision Nutrition© is home to the top nutrition coaches and the world's #1 Nutrition Coaching Program. Its' clients include regular people, elite athletes, sports teams, models and celebrities, and over 100,000 lives have been transformed since 2005!

  • How much time and effort do I need to put in?

    Less than 30 minutes a day for 7 days, and some pre-adventure preparation! Of course, you can put in much, much more if you enjoy it (many people do)!

  • And what happens after the 7 days?

    Firstly, you should LOOK, FEEL & PERFORM BETTER in some ways. Next, you will be able to continue coaching yourself (and those you care about) with your new found knowledge and skills.

  • What's with this Adventure Time cartoon?

    Adventure Time was created by Pendleton Ward for Cartoon Network. Our reference to it is based on the concept where you (as Finn, young in nutrition knowledge) joins hands with us (as Jake, the old dog who will teach you some new tricks!) in the Land of Ooo, in a post-apocalyptic future after a nuclear holocaust (or in our alternate universe, where people were bombarded with processed foods!). According to the creator, the show takes place "after the bombs have fallen and magic has come back into the world”, and so this adventure is really about helping you “find the magic” (on how to look, feel & perform better) again.


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  • Nutrition is not a belief system!

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  • What’s that article REALLY saying?

    How to decode "research" articles, according to science nerds.
    Never be fooled by another "eat this/avoid that" report!

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Your Host


Edwin Wong

Hi! I'm Edwin and I started CULTSRUS to get people "fanatical" about living more healthily without dieting, giving up their favourite foods or showing up in a gym.

I spent 30+ years in the financial services industry, was Vice President in a Fortune 100 company based in USA, and CEO of a financial institution in Malaysia, before I left the industry to start my own consulting, publishing and distribution business. In 30+ years, I went from a S-size active sportsman in University to an XL-size couch potato who never found the time to exercise (although I always found time for good food!), and didn't see the need to reduce my weight ("I wasn't that big", I kept saying to myself).

When Covid struck, I, like millions of others, started a journey to find a lasting way to lose fat, improve my immune system, feel more energetic and look better WITH MINIMUM EFFORT. I found Precision Nutrition©.

Precision Nutrition© is home to the world's top nutrition coaches, and have helped transform the lives of over 100,000 people since 2005 by combining the science of nutrition and the art of behaviour change through a personalised, sustainable, evidence and practice-based approach to losing fat, strengthening immune systems and living healthily.

I am a Precision Nutrition© Certified L1 Coach, and want to help you get fanatical about being the best version of yourself!


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